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About Shele House®

We're not a real marketing communications agency. But we'll seem real enough when you get here! Shele House® challenges you to lead and manage a network creative agency in Perth, Australia. Working with your team you’ll make decisions that determine the success of Shele House®.

The decisions are those that managing directors typically face; they all ultimately affect the creative output and financial success of any marcomms agency anywhere in the world. The simulation’s purpose is to give participants agency leadership experience and improve their skills as an effective general manager in the industry.

Participants are assigned to a team that will jointly be managing director of Shele House® for three simulated years. Each team is assigned a facilitator from the presentation staff, and a single laptop. Each team begins with the same conditions: the same office history, accounts, staff, market, revenues, problems and opportunities.

Shele House® offers opportunity in a learning environment where it's "safe" to try alternative approaches. It's okay to make mistakes here, and it’s not an individual effort. Creating outstanding work is a team process. The simulation does so by creating an environment of sharing information and applying all team members’ experience and skills.


Most networks choose new managing directors to attend, or those on a fast track for general management outside their own functional expertise: client service directors, regional officers, senior account directors, creative directors, finance directors, and heads of agency planning. A typical group size is 18-24, representing a broad mix of backgrounds and specialties.

Same Start, Different Endings


The Shele House® simulation produces different agency outcomes depending on the team's decisions. Those differences drive the learning.


It's an application of leadership concepts, driven by the knowledge and experience on each team.


Below are two Shele House® dashboards after three years as managing director. All team members were from the same network, roughly equal in experience, and all attended because they were considered top talent.

The first team drove all the agency performance factors sharply upward over three years. Their creative product was 43 percent better than they inherited. Their clients ("Partners") are 73 percent more satisfied with their agency. This Shele House* won $3.5 million in new business in their final year and returned more than $4 million in profit.







Contrast that with the dashboard below. This team faced the same challenges as the one above and saw many of the same opportunities. Their revenues are $3 million lower and their profit is half that of the other team. All five performance factors are well below their colleagues'.








Good Team.jpg
Bad Team.jpg
What People Say

“Great mix of discussions as a broad group and 'doing' maintained pace and kept me going all day."


"Simulation technique was awesome."


"Key leadership principles brought to life in an engaging way and reinforced through the simulation."


"Shele House is a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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