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Same Start, Different Endings


The Shele House® simulation produces different agency outcomes depending on the team's decisions. Those differences drive the learning.


It's an application of leadership concepts, driven by the knowledge and experience on each team.


Below are two Shele House® dashboards after three years as managing director. All team members were from the same network, roughly equal in experience, and all attended because they were considered top talent.

The first team drove all the agency performance factors sharply upward over three years. Their creative product was 43 percent better than they inherited. Their clients ("Partners") are 73 percent more satisfied with their agency. This Shele House* won $3.5 million in new business in their final year and returned more than $4 million in profit.







Contrast that with the dashboard below. This team faced the same challenges as the one above and saw many of the same opportunities. Their revenues are $3 million lower and their profit is half that of the other team. All five performance factors are well below their colleagues'.








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Shele House® is a simulated  agency used to develop current and future industry leaders.

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