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The Agency Leadership Program® 

The Agency Leadership Program® is most commonly a four-day senior management program developed to meet the needs of current and aspiring leaders in marketing communications agencies, regardless of discipline.


It is also available in simulation-only form as a three-day Executive Leadership Program.


This unique learning event contains no generic content; it is specific to agency situations to develop the skills of industry leaders. The Agency Leadership Program® is based on the concept that leadership and managerial effectiveness drives agency performance, growth and profitability. Here are some of the issues covered:


  • Leading change and developing an agency vision

  • Taking over a new leadership job

  • Setting meaningful strategic priorities

  • Correcting poor performers

  • Dealing with the loss of a major client

  • Expanding the agency’s offering

  • Getting the right people in the right jobs

  • Replacing a key leadership staff member

  • Leaving a legacy and identifying a successor


All materials and presentations used in the Agency Leadership Program® are industry-specific and address the critical current issues facing marketing communications leaders. These proprietary materials include:


  • Case studies in agency leadership developed for, and available only to, users.

  • Shele House® is the only computer-based tool that allows participants to safely manage an agency for three simulated years.

  • Personal feedback using a proprietary, agency-specific feedback instrument.

  • Personal coaching on agency leadership

  • Customized exercises designed to help participants implement what they've learned.

Typical Agenda
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